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Balon Flow Control(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. Is a company based in Shanghai, the global field of fluid control suppliers, provide control valve, electric actuators, pneumatic actuators and other full range of industrial process control equipment, widely used in many fields, such as chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage, life sciences, industrial oil and gas, gas, energy, paper industry, mining, hvac, building automation, district heating and cooling, etc.

As global control engineering enterprise, balon business philosophy is "committed to the production delivery is faster, more preferential price, better product quality". Company on the basis of comprehensive production, ensure high quality delivery to customers. At the same time, the balon's ability to pay attention to after-sales service and solutions, and continue to promote the development and progress of the company.

In addition to providing a full range of flow control services, balon is also committed to the pursuit of higher precision control in the field of development, balon has always been customers trusted partners.

Project Application

Employees valves research and development, production, sales, with many years of rich experience

Our valves in the service involves the general industrial process of various industries, such as chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, Marine, mining, energy, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, food and beverage industry, pulp and paper, and special applications. Our valves serve demanding global project success.

If you need more information and reference list, please consult our sales team. You trusted experienced project partners.
Product Display

Butterfly Valve

Suitable for high pressure and high temperature, abrasion and corrosive medium solution

Suitable for all kinds of project application

  • Chemical
  • Petroleum Chemical Industry
  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • And Other Special Applications
Our products are in accordance with the relevant design and manufacture of standard and custom requirements.
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We have rich experience
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The Valve Is Various
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Complete internal inventory to meet customer urgent needs, to ensure on time delivery. Abide by our commitment to ensure quality and delivery. Fulfill our commitment to customers is our responsibility.


Code of conduct

Implement the business principles of honesty, fairness, justice and idea. Keep your promise. To ensure quality and delivery. Focus on the international market, the establishment of a professional, responsible, dedicated service team. Fulfill our commitment to customers is the responsibility of lung fluid.

Purpose of the enterprise

People-oriented, honesty pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, repay society.